Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our New Hobby!

So Justin and I have a new favorite game to play with our friends! BEAN BAG TOSS! We played it on the cruise and we loved it! We even took 2nd place on the whole boat! Well when we came back to school, we saw a bean bag toss game on sale for $15 Bucks!! Heck yes we grabbed that! We play it all the time with our friends and everyone loves it! It may sound nerdy, but trust me, once you start you don't stop! It's super super fun!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I need a job.

Rexburg is by far the worst place to find a job.
It's basically almost impossible. No one is hiring at all, and don't worry they let you know by posting signs on their doors saying,
"we, are NOT HIRING!!
The one job I wanted, just got filled. I was super bummed.
I need a job, bad.

Thanks Rexburg for not helping Justin and I out with this need.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


well.... it has been tooooo long since I have updated this thing. Life has been a mad dash of crazy, but awesome. Well, we did it! We are now officially MR AND MRS. JUSTIN MARSHALL! It's real, my security card says, HAYLEY CHRISTINE MARSHALL.

Well... first off I must say justin and i have the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! It met all my expectations and visions and more! It was incredible and one of a kind! I knew what I wanted, and my mom and best friend Sarah made it possible! It was breath taking and one of a kind. It was stunning! We had so many friends and family come down for it to celebrate and most of all we had a BLAST! it was so fun! (dancing with glow sticks anyone, or how about getting your picture drawn by an artist?) Our wedding was perfect in every way and every detail....most details and pictures to come....
Anyways, Recently life has been full of lots of memories of "first times." Its so exciting! Heres a recap of just skimming the surface of "our" new life...
-Honemooned it up at the biggest Marriot J.W. resort in the world in a penthouse suite for 2 nights, then headed out to sea on a 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Caymen Islands, and Cozamel Mx.! It was amazing!!! We are so blessed!

-Hiked up waterfalls in Jamaica, took a chair lift and went bob sledding through the jungle

-Snorkling in Mexico and played on a giant blow up slide at a prive beach!
-Played a lot of trivia games, bean bag toss, and ice cream open 24 hours on the cruise!

-Lots of packing, packing, and packing!
-lots of legal documents to take care of to become Mrs. Marshall
-Packing some more
-Writing tons of thank u notes ( they haven't been sent out yet...we're working on it)
-moved to Rexburg
-Lots of shopping for our new place!
-Lots of unpacking....
-Set up our new place and it is really coming along
-Looking for a job ( keep us in your prayers)
-Loving being each others new roommate!

Life is great, we are so blessed! Our apartment is really coming along and we love it! We are having so much fun setting everything up! we are so lucky! Justin has been so great with building all our new furniture while i add the woman touches of our place! It is so fun! we will put pictures up when its done! Married life gets better everyday!