Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend was a great one to end summer- I officially start school for student teaching on Monday....
So Justin and I played a lot on our last summer weekend.
Friday-Date Night with another couple.
Sat: We went to a ward activity of WATER KICKBALL and a PICNIC. It was really fun!
Then, We went with two other couples to "Falls Creek" and hiked down a WATERFALL! This is the actual waterfall we hiked. Hiking up and down a waterfall is on my bucket list, and I never thought I would cross that off in Idaho....but I for sure can. This was a a huge beautiful waterfall. I literally felt like I was in South America and not in Idaho. I was nervous, but it was such a fun adventure.
Then it was off to BIG JUDSS for dinner....BIG JUDSS is known for their huge burgers here. I could only eat a quarter, but it was good.
Then Justin and I went over to another couples house to hang out.
It was so much fun, and such a great busy, fun day!

Also, for our anniversary, Justin surprised me with the watch I have been wanting for a while now! Justin is obsessed with nice watches, and I have never owned a super nice watch before. We agreed we weren't going to give each other gifts because our trip was our gift, but of course Justin spoiled me again! He is always surprising me with things like this! I love my watch and wear it all the time now!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sorry, we've been M.I.A.

We've been a few places, and I'm not going to lie, I wish I wasn't back yet. Life has been good to us. We have been so busy, and I feel like I hardly took pictures of all we have been up to.

So here is a little recap of the past month of our lives...


there for about 5 days, celebrated with Lindsey and Lelands Wedding.

It was beautiful, and she was stunnning!

We are so happy for them!

Next Stop:


Justin stayed behind, while i made a 10 day trip home to the Lone Star State.

I didn't take to many pics, because most of the time I was working, which was nice.

I got to see all my nieces and nephews and my very prego sis. And also met a future Peterson :)

It was so wonderful to be with my family!

We got the special V.I.P tour of the University of Texas Football offices from my bro...he's got connections since he coaches there! It was a blast....The UT players get treated like kings.

But then again, i wouldn't think less, because we know everything is BIGGER and BETTER in TEXAS!


I met Justin In Cali for some fun in the SUN!

We stayed in a suit at the Hilton Resort! It was amazing!

I felt like I was on our honeymoon again.

Our room, with my sister and her friend Jen.


We celebrated with dinner at downtown disney.....


Talk about magical, it was the perfect place for Justin and I to go.

It was so perfect and so much fun.

It really is the "HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!"

It was so magical, I'm not even lying when I say the hubs teared up 4 times! he was really feeling it!

We were like little kids, we wanted to try everything. We will for sure be taking our kids there one day.

Highlight: we got to meet with Justin's Grandma for Lunch!

I had never met Justin's Grandma, so this was so important! She is such a sweet lady and it was so great meeting her!

Cali was good to us, and we can't wait to go back.

The last 3 weeks went by soooo fast...

One day we were on the beach of Newport, and then a couple hours later we were back in ghost town of Rexburg, Id...

Vacation was great, and now it's time for school! I start my last semester of college, student teaching in a week. Justin and I are still living up the last bit of summer with a camping trip and date night to the drive in theatre here in Rexburg!


Mrs. M