Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend we celebrated Justin's Birthday all weekend! It was grand and oh so much fun. His birthday was on Sunday, but we made it a weekend affair. We were so busy this weekend, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This weekend was spent with so many close friends, good food, and lots of socializing! At the end of everything Justin and I were so tired. As everything came to the end, it just made Justin and I realize how lucky we are for such amazing friends that are so wonderful here in Rexburg. We really are so blessed, and love our friends. So here is the recap from this weekend...aka this is picture overload, so I hope you enjoy!

Friday: The weekend started on Friday with a wedding reception! Justin's roommate Chaz got married, the reception was in Pocatello, so we made the drive( through a snow storm, i was freaking out) A lot of Justin's buddies were there which was a blast. After the reception a group of 7 of us all went out to dinner to wingers! It was great! We are so happy for Chaz, he is going to be such a great husband!Saturday: (the day before Justin's Birthday)
Justin had to work, and when I picked justin up, I had an envelope in it with a little poem i made up. In it revealed that we had appointments to get facials at paul mitchell together. It was HEAVEN! we both loved it. Some may think facial for a guy is a little femi, but no way! It was so relaxing and fun! 45 minutes of pure bliss! We loved it!

Then that night we headed to dinner where we had reservations at Stockmans Steakhouse. The nicest place around here. I have never been there, justin had, but i was so excited! There was 20 of us upstairs in the loft! The food was Incredible! It was a 3 course meal, and every bite was soooo good!It was the closest meal I have had to the delicious food we eat in Texas! It was pricey, but oh so worth it! It was delicious and so much fun! The whole group was really great!Course 1: Homade Rolls with honey butter---ahhhhh addicting!Course 2: Caesar Salad. Again one of the best Caesar salads I have ever had.Course 3: Steak with grilled mushrooms and onions. And a baked potato! mmmmmmmm!!!!Part of the Group! Dave and Diane: We love these two. We have this obsession with them.Beau and Lindee: Oh we love this couple! They are sooo wonderful! Justin and his best friend for 17 years, Brian. Such a good guy.Everyone after dinner!
Sunday: Feb 27, 2011 Happy 23rd Birthday Justin

It started out with Brian coming over for some breakfast, Texas shaped waffles! :)

Then we went over for dinner at Dave and Diane's place. They made amazing Dominican Republic food!! oh my it was so good.

Then it was time to get ready for a party! I was sooo excited! We had about 30 people over at out house! It was so much fun! I'm sure our neighbors hate us for being so loud.Oh well, you only have one birthday a year!

Happy Birthday Hunny, I hope you had a Great Birthday! I love you!


Mrs. Marshall

Thursday, February 24, 2011

highs and lows.

HIGH: So i have a trainer who works out with me. I love it. At BYU-Idaho they have free trainers- students who are certified. Seriously, if i could have a trainer for the rest of my life, i will do it. She pushes me, but isn't mean, and works me and i am sore the next day. I love having a trainer! I started working out with her in January, and I can tell I'm getting more toned. My legs are are getting so solid...bring it on summer skirts! Yesterday we did 25 minutes of bleachers, with jump roping between each 5 minutes. Then we ran a mile. I know a mile may not seem like a lot, but for me that is. My goal is to run a 5k with Heather ( my trainer by the end of summer semester) She is going to train me in this next semester also, and in the fall she is going to train my little sister Brianne and I. I love working out with her! She makes me want to just be healthier. I feel so much better after a workout with her. She is bomb!

LOW: on to depression=REXBURG!

I swear within the night we got about 6 inches of snow. it depresses me. I just want to wear my new skirts and dresses I got. I want to have a rocking tan, and feel and look better. I want to be in school, because I like being busy, and have the sunshine outside. I want to go to porter park and go swimming. And I want to go on vacation. This snow is going to be lasting a few days...that just sucks.

HIGH: Justin's Birthday is Sunday! So excited! Were mostly celebrating on Saturday though.

HIGH: planning a mini getaway trip with my husband in April...more details later... :)

This is Justin's Birthday present! :) My husband has this obsession with watches. He loves his watches like how girls like their purses. We bought it this weekend, and i must say, my hubby is looking FLY with his michael kors watch!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm dying for these...

STEVE MADDEN FELIXX PUMPS in champayne -$60.00, size 10 I want these shoes more than anything! You have no idea, i eye them down on the Internet everyday to see if they go on sale.
My best friend Sarah and I saw these in August when looking for my wedding shoes. we both melted we wanted them so bad.
That was over 6 months ago, and i'm still drooling over them.
I want them so bad for spring/summer. i mean aren't these just the hottest shoes ever. their even more beautiful in person.
So if anyone feels generous, you can buy these for me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I love valentines day!
it makes me soooo happy!
I love the PINK, RED, and HEARTS everywhere.
i love lovin on everyone.

This year i made cupcakes for a few people. pink strawberry, butter cream cupcakes.
(yes these are the cupcakes i made....picture was taken from my friend Diane Moncion-shes a photographer)

Then for breakfast i got up early to carry on the Peterson Tradition of an All PINK ad RED breakfast! My mom use to do that every year, with balloons, hearts, and anything you can imagine. When we would wake up for school or get home from seminary there was always a card with our name on it and a little treat at our place where we sit. It was such a great tradition that could usually carry on to dinner as well. My mom always goes all out for holidays and i love it! I wouldn't have it any other way, and plan on continuing these traditions with our kids. My mom is the best! She gave us the best childhood.
Justin started his first day of work! Yay!
I woke up to this in the morning....

Justin got to come home for lunch, which i was so excited for because i was missing him. Im use to having him home all day. So a lunch break was grand! This is what he came home to...And this is what came home to me....

Such a hunk he is! Justin surprised me with beautiful roses and a tanning pass! yay! i know its not the best for u...but trust me, this girl lives in the north pole and needs a little vitamin D, and trust me, it shows! Hubby knows what i want!

That night we went out to dinner and just spent time together. All i really wanted want was to just be with my man. Then went to my brothers house for the Bachelor (im addicted) and some chocolate covered strawberries and other treats! It was way fun!

Then Justin and i had an enjoyable evening at home with lots of snuggling..It was just an all around great day! I love my husband, I love holidays, and I love, Love!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today is 6 months to the day that i married the man of my dreams.

These 6 months have been amazing, exciting, memorable, and a lot of growing up.

But when your growing up with your best friend by your side,

it makes it all worth it, and a lot more easier and fun.

I am so blessed to have this man.

He's the man i use to lie in bed and think and dream about when i was a little girl.

He's the man i would write about in young womens when we had to make a list of the qualities we wanted in our man.

That was him.

I'll just admit, even though i am married to him, im still obsessed with him. That doesnt change.

I love you hunny.


Monday, February 07, 2011

round 2..

Husband is still oh so sick.
The past 2 days we have had to go back to the hospital to get IV antibiotics in him.
Just when Husband starts to feel pretty good...round 2 hits him and hes back in bed with the chills and vomit and a fever.
I thought he was getting better.
The hospital bill is adding up, and that means future plan for a trip may have to wait....
This isn't fun for him anymore.
This is getting old.
Justin is miserable, and I miss my best friend.

Friday, February 04, 2011


So the past 2 days justin has been pretty sick.
today it go real, real bad.
Like coughing up blood bad.
we were wondering if we should go to the ER, so I called my parents to see what they thought.
My Dad says, "Hayley, you have the insurance. Its better to be safe than sorry.I would just go."
So on Friday night at around 10:30 pm, we made our way to the ER.
Well...its a good thing we did.
They took chest xrays, and some other tests, and sure enough, I have a sick husband.
Hubby has pneumonia! great....
We have to go back to the hospital for the next 2 days to get some IV antibiotics done.
I felt like such a grown up taking my spouse to the ER and signing for him as his wife.
I think the last time I went to the ER was when I was like 12.
So i felt like a grown up tonight!
I'm so glad we went into the ER, because husband really is sick.

the only really bad part, Justin starts his job on Monday....XoXoXoXoXoXoX,
Mrs. Marshall

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Husband's nurse.

my husband is really really sick.
like flu, chills, cold, throwing up, aches and pain sick.
i've never seen him this sick before.
it makes me sad that he is in pain and miserable, but on the same hand, its kind of cute when the hubby stops being so tough and strong and acts like a 5 year old who is sick home from school and wants their mommy to take care him.
So, i will do it and take care of him.
why because i love this guy a lot!

so bring on the vitamen C, gatorade, soup, and thera flu!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Justin just came home from his job interview- Yay! he got the job! Justin starts Monday at a place called Prosper-and its full time! We are so excited! this is a great thing!

Day Date: Yesterday Justin and I decided to go to the Temple in Rexburg. We got there, and it was closed till Feb 15th! bummer. So instead we decided to drive to idaho falls and go to the temple there. it was our first time inside that Temple, and was also the temple my oldest sister Nissa-Lynn was married in. It was so much fun. Even though it was the coldest day outside, the temple left us warm inside. We then went to chili's for lunch together, sooo good.
It was such a fun day date before i had to go to work. ( and go bowling with kids....sweeet)
Some great things are happening here and were super excited! February is going to be great! and we are definitely looking forward to spring coming up....but it cant come soon enough! We feel so blessed that Justin got this job.


Mrs. Marshall