Sunday, November 28, 2010

thanksgiving lovin

This Thanksgiving was spent in Utah with lots of Family.
It was wonderful!
My Mom and Sister came up from TEXAS!
My sister took a tour of BYU and BYU-Idaho's campus.
She's going to one of these schools next fall.
She will love college life.
Justin and My niece JamieLynn

We went to my Aunt Becky's and Uncle Carl's house for Thanksgiving Dinner.
My aunt always does an amazing job of decorating the table!
It's so beautiful and I love it!
Dinner was sooooo Good!
We had tons of Friends and Family, that was the best part.

The Peterson Girls.
My Mom's New dessert she makes. It a piece of heaven on earth. AMAZING!
My Uncle Scott and Aunt Merilyn who let us stay at their house.
Then my family went sledding this week. What a memory made!
My mom's a babe!
Justin and JamieLynn were so excited!
This Girl had no fear! She loved sledding!
Beautiful Utah Mountains.
My whole family got into it. It was a blast!

Our last night we went to "the pie"
One of our fave places to eat in Utah.
Some of the very best pizza ever.
We ended our week with going to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.
It was beautiful.
It was my first time going to temple square with all the lights.
I loved it.
It was the perfect way to start the Christmas Season.
This week was so much fun. When Mom comes, everything is just better.
I thought because I haven't really gotten to express my thanks of things I'm blessed and thankful for, I would do a quick top 5 list.
1. My husband.
He just gets me, deals with me and my many moods, and loves me everyday.
2. My family.
I have one awesome family. They are always there for me, no matter what. It is never a boring, dry day with my family.
3. The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
This is the reason I am, the way I am. It is the reason for living, the reason to love others, and the reason progress. Because of the Gospel, I am sealed for time and ALL ETERNITY with my best friend.
4. Our new place we call "HOME"
I love our apartment. I love coming home. I love being able to decorate it, furnish it, clean it, and snuggle up in it with my hubby. I look at my apartment and just think to myself, " Wow, we are soooo blessed for all that we have. God really watches over us."
5. My College Education
I am so blessed to be able to go to college and get a degree. I have less than a year left, that is a reason right there to be thankful.

Justin and I have many reasons to be grateful. We have been so blessed.
XoXoXoX Mrs. M

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So my friend Ali Snarr and I did a few projects around my apartment.
My mom sent up a set of the candle sticks used at our wedding.
Ali Snarr and I completed decorating our apartment using things i already had!
We seriously added something new in ever room!
I think we did about 7 crafts within a few hours!
We kept coming up with ideas left and right.
We made a good team.
This is the picture wall in our apartment...this center frame will be filled with a picture of us soon.
the shelf above the tv is new. we got it from D.I.-$2.00, jar-$1.00, frame-$1.50
our bedroom! the candles and candle sticks are from our reception. The picture of the San Antonio Temple is from my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Love it!

Our updated bathroom!
A magnet board we made out of a cookie sheet
bench from D.I-$5.00+ With a little TLC of red paint= a place to put our wet boots!
My Fave craft we came up with for our picture wall. We found this frame, cut up a gift bag I had as the background to fill the frame, then used one of our custom napkin rings from our wedding.

Our picture wall! The first thing you see when you come in our home! I love this so much!
I think we spent a total of $12.00 at D.I. Pretty good huh? Justin and I love it! We love coming home! Ali Snarr was such a help! I had so much fun with her redoing everything! She totally taught me how to find bomb decorative pieces from places like goodwill and DI. You just have to do a little searching! Thanks Ali! Well like they say,
"A man's Junk, is another Man's Treasure!"
XoXoXoX, Mrs. M.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I guess this is what happens when you get married....

So, I guess when you get married a transformation happens,
You start wanting to decorate your house,
You start craving to do crafts,
You start obsessing over interior design and craft blogs,
You start to cook
You start your own blog,
and you constantly think, "I just want to have a million dollars to spend on all these new ideas!"

Yup, Thats me. That's where I am right now.
My new addiction is Design Blogs,
And my new craving is to do some kind of craft to dazzle up my apartment a bit.
I don't know why this happens when you last name changes,
but it just does.

I want to be like my mom and sister,
they have amazing, stylish, and beautiful homes.
When I have kids,
their rooms will have a personality of it's own.
They will have bomb "themed" Birthday Parties!
I'm gonna go all out.

My little girl's won't leave the house without a bow in their hair,
and my sons with a baseball cap on.
So I guess this is the start of learning how to make the bows...
Here's my first craft, I have attempted to do.
One of them is for my niece Kay-Lynn.
She's 9,
but wants to be 17.
Hopefully these are cool enough for her.


Mrs. M.

Monday, November 08, 2010


This weekend Justin and I went to Utah for a Wedding! His Favorite Mission Companion Nate Farr got married! You know how much I love, Love weddings! Justin was a groomsmen, and we got to be in the Temple for the sealing, go to the luncheon, and the recpetion. It was a such a fun day! Nathan and Kassie were sealed in the Draper Temple by Justin's mission president, President Egan. (he is now serving in the temple presidency.) I think I cried more in this sealing than in our own, because I got to really focus on the sealing, and it was so powerful and so beautiful. The Draper Temple is HUGE and sooo beautiful! I got to sit next to Sister Egan who is seriously my hero, and the kind of woman that I want to one day become. That was awesome, I felt very special. The whole day was beutiful, and the couple was beaming all over. It made me so happy for them, and want to relive our wedding day-the best day of my life.

Then the rest of the weekend was a big party! Justin and I then traveled to Provo and met up with all our friends. It was so specila because I got to see my old roommate Ali ( who was such a great host) and my 2 best guy friends that I grew up with- Brandon Bishoff and Thomas Busath. Both served missions, and I haven't seen them since before they left! I was sooooo happy to see them, it was just like old times. I love those guys, they have always been there for me.

Then On Sat, Justin and I went to the BYU GAME with our friends! It was our first time going to a BYU football game, and we were on cloud 9. I think Justin had goose bumps, he was so happy! BYU creamed Las Vegas by the way. It was great! We want to be a part of BYU sports- maybe next year when we move to Utah! =) let's hope!

Then that night we went to a Hindu Temple to the Festival of Lights with our friends! I felt like I was back in Israel going in the temple. It was something different and fun!

The whole weekend was spent with close friends and family and was such a blast! But, by the end Justin and I were glad be back at our own apartment that we love so much! I will add pictures from this weekend soon!

Now, It's on to cleaning my house and finishing deocarting it for my MOM and SiSTER to come visit in 2 weeks! I can't wait!! im sooooooo exicited! Nothing is better than having Mom come visit you!

xoxox, Mrs. M