Saturday, May 28, 2011

a new project

so...i've decided our bedroom needs som color. black, white, and green is nice and I love it, but it's missing something. So I'm starting a big project on a our bedroom. I'm adding anothing color, (it's a suprise)and making a head board. I'm going to add more color and more patterns. I am so excited for this new project! Thanks to my friend Liz (she has the cutest apartment ever) she has influenced me to do some mix and matching! So I'll be doing a few paint jobs, and I'm on a search for some fabric! I'm so excited and will post pictures when this project is done...but this project could take awhile....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Service does the soul good.

So this past weekend our ward did a huge service project. It was such a great project. It was one of those youth conference service projects, where its really fun and for a really great cause. We cleaned up a shelter. We were cleaning, doing yard work, tearing stuff down, building things and so on, it was so fun! There was a great turn out and it was really a great opportunity for Justin and I to really get to know more people in our ward. I love our ward, there really are some great couples in it! Even though this service project started at 7 am on a Saturday, it was so worth it and was so much fun!
I was shocked, our bishop was on the roof, throwing bricks down from the chimney. He's is an amazing man!
Then that night we went to this Posh party, for our friend Junior. It was a premier for his album that came out this weekend. It was so fun and the album is dang good! Check it out-June, The Takeoff! (out on Itunes) It was so fun to dress up for a party! -My man looked good!Excited for this weekend break...However, all I want to do is drink a sonic limade and lay by the pool to get a tan...that is deff NOT a possibility here in Rexburg. We might even have snow flurries tommorrow. Sick. Gag. Help me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have the fever.

yes, i have the fever, and I have it bad- Bieber Fever that is.

I started to listen to his music in the fall a little bit, and my love grew for his music but that was it.

then I saw Never Say Never and I fell in love with a big crush on Justin. (Not my husband this time)

I have Bieber Fever Bad. 97% of the time, its what I'm listening to on my IPOD. When I work out, when I'm driving, and when I'm cleaning, LiL Biebs is playing.

I can't get enough of this guy.

He's talented, good looking, and his story is amazing.

I watch his you tibe videos, google him, and follow his twitter.

What is happening to me?

I even went to 4 red boxes the day his movie came out to watch the movie, Never say Never.

I made my Justin watch it, it was amazing.

I don't know what it is but I just can't get anough of this guy!

Let's just say, seeing him in concert made my before I die list!

Never. Say. Never.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, I was given the award to name seven facts about me from my dear friend Kelsey Cole. So here it goes...

1. I got in my car first accident in the school parking lot, and broke my ankle in a church basketball game all in the same day!

2.I hate fish, except tuna fish

3.Cafeteria food makes me gag, even just the smell gets to me. I'd rather not eat than have to eat school cafeteria food!

4. Even though my major is teaching, all I really want to do is something with weddings. And now i wish i would of gone into communications/pr work.

5. When I was a kid, i got stitches behine my ear because I split it open by closing our van door on my ear.

6. When I met my husband, I was checking out his friend instead.

7. When Justin graduates, were going back to his mission to South Africa! (like in 2 years)

So there you have it!.. I know pass this on to Lindee, Eva, and Marianne!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun Lovin

The past 3 days have been amazing! 70 degrees, warm, and sunny! I love, love, love it! The sun really does do something to me and makes me come alive! So I am taking full advantage of this warm weather, because here it just doesn't last!

The other day I had a little picnic with some girls in my ward in our parking lot. It was a blast, we were out there for like 2-3 hours! I skipped a class I had. Oh well!

Then this week Justin and I decided to go on a little date! We went on a bike ride to porter park! We rode our bikes, played frisbee, and then got ice cream at the new frozen custard place, Nielsons. It was a blast and just do fun to be outside and play!

They are building a brand new pool/aquatic center in rexburg. Its RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from our home. Im stoked! I will be there almost everyday! Maybe this once I might actually get a tan in Rexburg!

I also got my local placement for Student teaching! I'm teaching at Bonneville High school-Health! I'm so relieved and happy! Local placement is hard to get here, and its only about 25-30 minutes away by Idaho Falls! So that is great!

This week Justin and I reached 9 months of marriage! Where did the time go?

Mrs. M

Saturday, May 07, 2011

We've been busy...

Recently we have been very very busy! I don't even know where April went. Here is a little recap of where we have been...
-We had 4 weddings! yes 4!
-Ali Snarr got married!
-Brandon Bishoff got married
-and My uncle and Aunt got sealed!
-And I was in charge of a reception in Idaho
-3 trips to utah for me
-1 trip to Yellowstone for a night getaway before school starts
-A new semester of school started for both of us.
-waking up everyday at 6:30 AM
-getting home every night between 7-9 pm!
-Bridal showers!
-Job+ School= busy
-Lesson plans, I teach a class once a week at the Middle Schools
-Justin started his new job for a window washing company
-Hes working between Idaho Falls and Rexburg
-I planned a wedding for a girl here in Idaho, and set up the recetion
-I'm back and forth between different schools fr observations
-Game nights with friends
-Hosted a little shin dig for Jersalem friends
-Had dinner with some of Justin's mission buddies
-Starting to train again with my for a 5k
-Easter in Logan at Justin's Grandparents house, so good to see them
-bodies museum exhibit...AMAZING!
-Spring break week, lots of eating out and cheap theatre movies.
-A quick visit for me to visit My mom and her side of the family for a wedding in Utah
-The royal wedding ( of course I was glued to the TV the whole time!)
-Having to deal with dumb school authorities, that try to be be like a dictator ( dont get me started)

And hoping for warmer weather everyday....I am so done with the cold.

Justin and I took a little getaway for a night to Yellowstone before our lives got crazy with school and work. It was so fun! We stayed in a cute little hotel and saw lots of animals. There was still lots of snow there, but it was still great!


She looked amazing, as always. I loved the colors!

Went down for her Bridal Shower, we had a girls night in a hotel. So fun!

Of course I had to get her lepard print! hehehe

Had dinner at THE PIE with some of Justin's mission buddies, so good to see them.

Brandon Got Married!
My best guy friend from home got married!

Brandon and Tom, my go to guys! It was like a reunion to see everyone from my home w and to catch up! It was a blast!

The reception was really fun and cool! It was an oriental theme! I loved it, it was so different! It was so fun!

He's the Best Date ever!

So, you can see we've been around! But its been fun!

"I'd rather be tired from being busy, than tired from being bored"


Mrs. M

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Pick me upper

So its been a while since I have updated. Life has been crazy. Justin and I both are working and in school full time. We start our day at 6:30 and get home between 7-9pm. And we have had about 4 weddings in the last ill post more later with lots of pictures later when i have more time. but.....
I just wanted to add this to my blog, becuase it helped me tonight.

Tonight I went to a little girl game night and it was way fun. But, there was this one girl who made me kind of feel a little down about myself. Every other word was about her weight and how she has lost weight, and only will share a cookie, get the point.. It put a tamper on my self. but i came across this on someones blog and it made me feel better....

1. Your body is extraordinary- begin to respect and appreciate it. 2. Create a list of all the things your body lets you do. Read and add to it often. 3. Become aware of what your body can do each day. Remember is it the instrument of our life, not just an ornament. 4. Create a list of people you admire: people who have contributed to your life, your community, or the world. Consider whether their appearance was important to their success and accomplishments. 5. Walk with your head high, supported by pride and confidence in yourself as a person. 6. Don't let your weight or shape keep you from activities you enjoy. 7. Wear comfortable clothes that you like and that feel good to your body. 8. Count your blessings, not your blemishes! 9. Think about all the things you could accomplish with the time and energy you currently spend worrying about your body and appearance. Try one! 10. Be your body's friend and supporter, not its enemy. 11. Consider this: your skin replaces itself once a month, your stomach lining every five days, your liver every six weeks, and your skeleton every three months. 12. Every morning when you wake up, thank your body for resting and rejuvenating itself so you can enjoy the day. 13. Every evening when you go to bed, tell your body how much you appreciate what it has allowed you to do throughout the day. 14. Find a method of exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly. Don't exercise to lose weight or to fight your body. Do it to make your body healthy and strong and because it makes you feel good. 15. Think back to a time in your life when you felt good about your body. Tell yourself you can feel like that again, even in this body at this age. 16. Keep a list of 10 positive things about yourself- without mentioning your appearance. Add to it! 17. Put a sign on each of your mirrors saying, "I'm beautiful inside and out." 18. Choose to find the beauty in the world and in yourself. 19. Start saying to yourself, "Life is too short to waste my time hating my body this way." 20. Eat when you are hungry. Rest when you are tired. Surround yourself with people that remind you of your inner strength and beauty. -Margo Maine

I do love to exercise, but I have been bad about that the past 2 weeks because i have been super busy, but its a good thing that i start working out again next week with my trainer heather. she is a life saver and is ready to kick my butt! bring it on!