Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coming Home!

Well, we are finally going to make a move to go HOME to God's Country of TEXAS! It's only for a short time of 5 months, but it is still wonderful! In April and through the summer, Justin and I will be moving to not our home town of San Antonio, but this time to one of my personal favorites, DALLAS! Dallas is where we would love to settle one day maybe, so i cannot wait to go! Justin will be selling Pest Control for my Brother Preston's business, SafeHome Pest Control. I will be working in the office full time as well. Justin and I have been thinking about this decision and feel that this is the best thing for our family at this time. We need to make some money, because living in Rexburg is killing us financially because there are no jobs that pay above minimum wage. Justin will do so well selling, I just know it. We both are so excited to get away from Rexburg and be closer to family, and in a place that we both love so much!

I cannot wait to live close to my sister and her adorable family! I also am so excited for the SHOPPING! Dallas has some of the best shopping, and I will most deff take full advantage of that! I'm also so excited to try all of the fun restaurants in Dallas, they have tons! And of course I can't wait to live in a place where there is a pool every where and guarantee that I will be getting a nice tan, unlike Rexburg!
Justin and I will be back in Rexburg for the fall semester for Justin. (I'll be graduating this December) But to get out of Rexburg for a few months will be so nice! I am so excited for this upcoming journey that we are about to embark on, and feel so blessed to have an opportunity such as this to grow as a couple and make many more memories!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peterson Family + 2

I know, i know, I've been gone fore awhile. And the reason is typical, but honest Justin and I have never been busier since we've been married. Everytime we both come home exhausted, stressed, and just pure wiped out.

I am student teaching, and it is a full time job without the pay.

It's not easy, time consuming, stressful, and a lot of work.

But, it is also very rewarding when my students tell me I'm their favorite teacher or that my class is their favorite class to come to. Then it's worth it. I teach:

5 health classes

1 Freshman P.E. Class

1 Fitness Training Class

Everyday I come home so tired and the work never ends. But the END is near! I only have one more month and I am counting down each week.

Justin is just as busy taking 14 credits and working 20 hours a week. He hates his job at the call center, but its a job and we are grateful.
Bless the guys heart, he never coimplains and just does what it takes to support a family, and he is doing really well in school.

That man is a trooper. He is my man.

On top of being busy, we have had guests in town for the past 4 weekends at our house....no big deal. (yea right......)

It's been crazy. Justin and I find ourselves on Friday night at 10 pm cleaning our house for our house guests before then come.

Life is crazy, but its good and we are blessed. I find myself never being able to get ahead because something always pops up. But we are blessed and I only have 1 more month.

Me, Justin and My two sisters went down to Conference and had floor seats to EVERY session. (thanks to my rockin sister Elyse) It was so wonderful listening to a prophets voice to receive guidence and truth. We are blessed.

Another thing we did was Puppy sit our friends the TUTTLES little love, Cooper. This puppy is by far the cutest puppy I have ever seen. This was great birth control for Justin and I because it made us realize we really aren't ready for kids yet. ( not until we make it back to South Africa) But it was still really fun, and Justin and I learned a lot about ourselves and as a couple.

The Hubby loved cuddling with cooper. He really loved when he slept in bed with us! And Now for the Exciting News in the Peterson home! ( My family)My family is growing, and fast! And I love it! Our family just grew by 1, and almost 2!Welcome my adorable, chubby, juicy, nephew BRADY PARSON!

October 8, 2011

4:08 AM

9 lbs. 20 inches.
I am obssesed with him! I cannot wait to snuggle with him, kiss his yummy cheeks, and just love him. I seriously love this kid so much already. Babies are amazing, and they just remind you of what is important.

I already love this little boy.

Once again, my sister and brothin in law made another beautiful baby. Their 4 for 4!

And now on JANUARY 7, 2012 the Peterson family will grow again by 1! This time by a new SISTER IN LAW! ( and the last sister in law in this family) My brother BLAIR is ENGAGED to a beautiful girl inside and out! Her name is Camille and I love this girl so much. They are perfect for eachother and I am so happy for them to be a family of their own. Cami is so wonderful and a great addition to our family. I already love her like a sister! Congrats! I can't wait for another Peterson wedding!

How good looking are they? Love it!