Saturday, January 29, 2011

News Feed

( this picture was while we were setting up, so nothing is lit up, and the cake and ice sculpture is not displayed yet)

Every weekend on either sat or sunday morning, whenever i get on facebook, another one of my friends is engaged or pregnant! today i found out 2 of my friends got engaged, and one pregnant! two weekends ago i found out 1 was prego and 3 engaged! its crazy! and its so fun! i love, LOVE! and i love Weddings even more! I love all this love! and i cant wait for some upcoming engagements coming up!

But with all these weddings, all i want to do is PLAN WEDDINGS! i have decided that deep down that is all i want to do is plan weddings. If anyone knows me well, they know that i had been planning our wedding for about 3 years, the day Justin left for his mission. (I knew he was the one) it is my dream job. It is one of my callings in life, i just know it. . if anyone knows of any hook ups to get into this business or any job offers, let me know. and if anyone wants a wedding planner, you can give me a ring. No but seriously i will plan your wedding. Weddings and wedding planning is like in my top 5 things that makes me happy. I wish i could plan a new wedding every year for me ( to marry justin again each time of course) but seriously i love wedding planning. My wedding was my dream wedding and the best day of my life. My parents gave us such a beautiful wedding weekend event. They were so wonderful for working so hard to pay for this beautiful day. it means so much to me, and we are so blessed. I will forever be grateful for that day. It was perfect. Anyways, i cant wait for all these upcoming wedding invites and reception and sealings to attend! it makes me so happy.
Congrats to all that are engaged or expecting!

Mrs. Marshall

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ok, so i know it's been a while since I've posted, but I just haven't been motivated to post. Winter in Rexburg isn't the greatest thing in the world, but we do have some exciting things coming up. Here's whats going on in our life right now:

-I really like my job at the middle school, but it isn't a ton of hours.
-Justin and I love going to the gym everyday
-I love working out with my trainers.
-Game nights, sledding, and hanging out with new couple friends!
-Trying to stay warm in this nasty winter weather.
-Trying not to die when I drive because I fish tail with these bad roads.
-Trying to eat healthier.
-Spending lots of time with Justin
-Justin trying to find a job, everyday he is applying to places, and he literally has applied everywhere!
-Looking forward to spring days! Trying to stay sane in REXBURG IDAHO! uh.....
-Trying to save up for our dream trip to Justin's mission to South Africa!

February is going to be a blast with some exciting things coming up:
-Snow mobiling with family
-Justin's Birthday
-Friends wedding
-our 6 month!
-Valentine's day!
-justin's arm wrestling contest at Sammys
-Hopefully a visit from our friend Pat and Ali

......Im just trying to get through January.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


today is 5 months that Justin and I have been married.
Wow, it has gone by so fast.
We have had so much fun together.
And we have been so blessed.
Living with your best friend brings many new memories, jokes, and happy moments.
Mrs. Marshall

Saturday, January 08, 2011

new job.

Justin and I both are off track for winter, and want to work full time. now finding a full time job in rexburg is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Justin and i have applied EVERYWHERE, literally I'm being serious. Well, I have been blessed with a part time job and love it. Its a fun and easy job. Its only part time-but for rexburg, you take what you can get.

I'm working for the middle school for their morning and after school program. I get to play dodge ball, go bowling, rock climbing, and make crafts. Really? does that even qualify as work? Its so fun! I am loving getting to know these kids. It makes me excited to student teach in the fall!Justin is still looking for anything that he can find, keep him in your prayers. Finding a job in rexburg is sooooo hard.

I also have started to apply for my student teaching in the fall. I was filling out paperwork, and I only have 6 credits=2 classes left that i have to take for school before student teaching! ahhh! crazy! I'm so excited! 6 credits! that's nothing at all!!

Justin and I are glad to be back in rexburg. Maybe not rexburg, but to be back in our apartment that we love and missed. The snow is something that we are learning to adjust too....but it's not our favorite. We have some really exciting things coming up for us, and are so blessed.

Mrs. Marshall

Saturday, January 01, 2011


2010 was Good to us. Really Good to us. It was memorable, exciting, and definitely a year to remember. Were were richly blessed from God. Here is a recap of a few highlights of 2010.
We both found jobs for the winter while being home in San Antonio. We did lots of traveling back and forth to see each other, and went on many dates! One of my favorites was suprising Justin with a "Jerusalem Date" We went to this place I found called, Jerusalem Grill. It is athentic middle east food. I was on cloud nine to be able to take Justin back to Israel for a night!
Romantic Valentines Date together, celebrated Justin's Birthday, but I also got a gift too.... A RING! Justin proposed, and a date was set! Things were getting exciting!
Justin custom designed my ring, just how I wanted it. I love my ring so much.

Wedding plans kicked into gear right away! My mom and I instantly made appoitments and started to plan my dream wedding!We had 6 weeks to get as much as we could get done before i left for school. Justin and I made a trip to dallas to take engagement pictures!

A best friends Trip for me to CALI with Sarah and visited Elyse. It was a blast! I got to also see EVA in her home land where we had a night on the town in Hollywood!Such a fun trip! Then Justin and I both made it back to BYU-Idaho for another semester.

Justin and I made a trip down to Utah for my friend Kelsey's wedding. We saw tons of family and friends.
BRIDAL SHOWERS! I made a trip to SAN ANTONIO for a bridal shower, and my roommates threw me one at school! They both were so dang cute!

Happy July 4th! My roommates dad flew us girls down to Estes, Colorado for July 4th weekend at their cabin. WOW WHAT A FUN TRIP!Justin and I also had an AMAZING semester with our group of friends, we did so many fun dates!

Best Day Of My LiFe: AUGUST 12, 2010.
I became Mrs. Hayley Marshall.

Oh, and we got to go on bomb cruise to Jamica, Cozamel Mexico, and Cayman Islands.

Starting our life as newlyweds in Rexburg, loving designing our apartments and using our wedding presents. Life is good.

My Birthday-22, and a quick visit to Utah for a Mission Reunion for Justin and Conference in the conference center!

Another wedding in Utah, super fun to see tons of friends in Provo, and a visit from my mom and sisters! We all had thanksgiving together which was a real treat!

Another semester done. YES! and a trip to warmth for Christmas in San Antonio! Gotta Love TEXAS!

2010 was quite sweet to us. We can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead in 2011 for us. (Maybe a trip to South Africa, I graduate School, maybe a good job?...)
Mrs. Marshall