Monday, March 28, 2011

ticked off

the snow was gone. we had some rain, i was ok with that. the temperatures were getting a bit higher, i was loving that spring was on its way. then today this came. im ticked off. i want to cry. and this isn't the worst of came down hard and were now at square one again. i just want it to be warm, and be able to wear my cute sun dresses and wedges to church. i want to go outside without a jacket, and be able to wear flip flops to the store. i want to be able to get a tan. this is ridiculous. im ticked. this is just wrong.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maybe the Snow is good for something.

So about 2 weeks ago, Justin and I went to Island Park with his extended family and stayed at a million dollar cabin. It was a dream, and so fun to get out of Rexburg. This cabin had it all, it had about 10 bed rooms, with queen size bunk beds, a hot tub, movie room, pool table, ping pong, air hockey, you name it, it had it. It got to meet to much of justin's family and they were so wonderful and so much fun. There was about 40 people staying in this house, and I loved it! I loved the commotion in the house and kids running everywhere with their cousins. It made me feel right at home because that's how it is with my family. Justin and I also got to go snow mobiling for the very first time and it was a blast! It took some time to get use to, but once we got it, we loved it! It was a whole new world opened up to us. I found something that the snow is good for. The cabin was beautiful and the people we were with was wonderful. I loved hanging out with all the little cousins. It was such a perfect weekend!


Mrs. M

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hubby was gone for one night and this is what happens....

So Justin was gone less than 24 hours on a camping trip with some guys from work.
Well, if hubby leaves me to have fun, then I have to have some fun as well.
So I did a little big of shopping...and the hubby came home to these....

I have been wanting curtains for a long long time. I found these for a steal, and couldn't say no. I was back and forth on the phone with my mom, telling me how to put them up.I wanted them to be up for when Justin came up. I put a small hole in our wall. So i made a phone call to our good friends Beau and Lindee. Beau had these up in 15 minutes. haha.
Thanks Beau! You were a life saver.
I also purchases this little gem from a decor boutique that Lindee and I found in Rexburg.
I had to get it, it matches my bedroom perfectly. I was so excited.I also organized and cleaned my whole closet for spring! I'm so ready to be able to bust out the sundresses and wedges!
The husband came home to a few new surprises this weekend....
Thats what happeneds when you leave me alone hunny!
Love you babe!
Mrs. M

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Husband Scored Big this week!

So this week the husband scored big!
Not only was my husband the top seller this week at his work,
(i was so proud of him)
but he also scored big with the wife.
On Monday when Justin walked through the door for lunch,
He came home with beautiful flowers for me!
They were like the colors of our wedding flowers.
(green and white)
(these are my wedding bouquet. These flowers were stunning, and my favorite accessory that day)
My Husband gave me flowers, "Just because, he wanted me to know how much he appreciated all that I did for him."
It made my day.
But then the next day, I got another surprise...:)
Remember these bombshell shoes I was obsessing over?
Well I now own a pair of these strut worthy pumps.
Justin surprised me and ordered them online.
I was shocked!
I'm in Love!
These shoes are ROCKIN!
I wore them to church today,
My feet were on fire,
but it was worth it.
My husband scored big this week.
He's so great and knows how to make a girl happy! :)
Last weekend we were at Island Park at a million dollar cabin snow mobiling with family.
Pictures will come soon!
Mrs. M

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well the Peterson family is about to grow X two!
My oldest sister is prego with TWINS!
I couldn't be more thrilled!
I never thought my family would have twins, even though we do have it in our genes, I just didn't see our family with them.
My whole family was in complete shock when we found out!
We are so happy.
My sister is going from adorable kids, to FIVE adorable kids!
That is quite a big jump.
I can't wait for these babies, even though they have a while, I am just so over joyed for these babies.
Never will these two be referred to as a baby or a child, but as the babieS and the Twins.
Its crazy how within a second God can change your world instantly.
Twins will be tough, but my sister and brother-n-law are such amazing parents, they will wonderful.
The babieS are due around early September.
All I think about now is meeting these two.
We won't know for a while what the sex of them are, but I'm pretty sure its a Boy and a Girl.
I can't wait to meet these 2 precious gifts of Love!

Friday, March 04, 2011

another one taken

Another one of my roommates is taken for good!
Lindsay (my fellow Texan) is ENGAGED to a great guy, that is perfect for her!
I didn't see this one coming so fast, but i couldn't be more happy for them
She is so ready for this step into marriage.
Their getting married in July and I can't wait to be their for her day, like she was for me on Justin's and my day.
Weddings and love just make me so happy.
I have 3 roommates on missions, and 2 more should be having some big news soon as well.
I love it! I love seeing my roommates happy, in love, spiritually growing, entering the temple, planning their big day, and preaching the gospel.
When I was one of the first ones to get married out of my friends, I was worried that i would be the only one for a while. But my mom said, no you just wait. They will follow in your footsteps soon.
She was right, and I love that my friends are joining the married club.
It makes me so happy to see my friends getting married because i want them to experience the happiness of being sealed to your lover, making love, :) hehe, and to have someone who always has your back and is looking out for you more than themselves.
That's one of the best parts of being married to your best friend, someone always is there to care for you, protect you, laugh with you, wipe your tears, and make up for the things that you can't do on your own. You become a team.
I love knowing that my girls are going to be alright and that they are going to be taken care of.
I am so happy for Lindsay and Leland! Congrats yall!

This is Lindsay's ring. It was Lelands grandmas. There is only ONE person who could pull off such a unique ring such as this one, and that's Lindsay! This ring truly is made for her.

Justin and I are so happy for ya'll!


Mrs. Marshall