Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Ok, ok, I know you are probably super impressed with 2 blog posts in 2 days. Lets see how long this last. Anyways...After the summer of selling we went on a company cruise! Before we went on the cruise we made a little trip to San Antonio with our friends the Lundgreens to show them our home! We were basically tourist while home and it made me love San Antonio even more! Both our parents were great hosts! We are blessed! Anyways, back to the cruise...In order to be able to go on the cruise you have to sell so many accounts, which Justin hit! I was so proud of him! We went with about a group of 15 and it was a blast! Going on a cruise with a group makes it way better! We partied non stop and loved everyone in the group. Or cruise was 4 days and went to Cozumel, Mexico. we went to a private resort and beach where we snorkeled, swam, went canoeing, had unlimited food and drinks, and enjoyed our day in paradise! The beach was amazing and i literally felt that I was living in a post card! Well heres a few shots of our trip! As managers we get to go on another cruise next summer with the company and I can't wait! 

Levi cooking with Justin's dad! 

they were tired!

Some of the group!

Preston my brother in the middle, Levi and Justin

Formal Night!

On our way to the beach!

The boys snorkeling! 

I loved the swim up bar! (No I don't drink) 

Loving Life!

The color of the water is amazing!

Yes he really fell asleep like this. 
I need to learn to do this!

At the club!

It was awesome and I miss it! Now we are back in Rexburg and I hardly ever seen Justin. This is his busiest semester yet! He is usually on campus from 11am-10 pm! But I am proud of the hubs! 

Mrs. Marshall

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ok, this blog is way overdue. But Its better late than never, so here is a catch up of our summer! So this summer we made a big move to our home state of TEXAS! (Dallas to be exact) We went to sell pest control. Justin sold, and I worked in the office. We sold for my brother's company, Safe Home! It was a very busy hard working summer, but soooo worth it! Justin did awesome and sold sold, sold! Everyday when  his name would pop up that he made a sale, I would shout and celebrate! It was a great summer and we learned so much! It was nice break from Rexburg, but we are glad to be back. Here are a few pictures of our summer! Sorry for the picture overload, but actually not really, because let's be honest people only care about the pictures anyways....  :) 

Busy Busy On the doors! One day I even went out with Justin. Lets just say I am so grateful The hubs is a hard worker...This job is intense but pays off!
On the weekends we lived them up with lots of dates and adventures! Pool time, dinners, movies, batting cages, baseball games, Dave and Busters, Mall time, ect...

 I introduced Justin to pedicures...this man become changed....He loved it and found a new hobby.
We loved the team that we sold with. The guys were awesome! Yes this picture if of my husband holding up 4 people on his shoulders...My hubby is a beast!
  We Also went to the Dallas Aquarium! Loved it!!
 For July 4th, We flew home to San Antonio to go to Marriot's largest Resort with my family! It was a blast!

One of the biggest highlights  was living close to my sister and her family! I loved living by all my nieces and nephews! It was so much fun! 

We had a few truck repairs! Not fun...

We went to our first Texas Rangers game with the company and had a blast! My hubby was on cloud nine!

This summer was a hard working busy summer, but we made tons of memories and grew so much! Justin did so well this summer that he was asked to come back as a manger next summer! This is such a great opportunity and a blessing. We prayed a lot about this choice and just could not pass it up. Next blog post will be about our recent cruise we took with the company  and our first University of Texas Football Game this past August!

      Mrs Marhall